Korean Hanja Vocabulary Tool Android app available now!

The Korean Hanja Vocabulary Tool Android app is now available. It uses the same database and logic for searching that you can find on koreanhanja.app I want to thank everyone who helped test the beta builds.

Here are some screenshots:

You can get it on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.bravender.hanjadicapp


  1. Hey ! i find this app really useful. I think there are two things that could be improved which make it even better : (1) fill missing entries (there are many words I type in Hangeul that are absent from the dictionary) and (2) most importantly, add examples and explanations.

    Regarding both, if you look at the national institute of Korean language website, it's really the most complete resource. It's a hangeul to foreign-language dictionary that includes the hanja source when it exists, explanations every time both in Korean and target/source language, even idiomatic expressions.

    They seem to have some API.

    I was wondering what you would think about the idea of improving your project based on their data (if usable), and I'd be happy to help. Their app and website is relatively smooth to use, but it wasn't made as a hanja dictionary : you look for a word and, if it's coming from Chinese, they show you the root of it, but you have to click on more links and they don't break the explanations into nice components.

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